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.your beloved suddenly starts acting weird. Everything is wrong for her, and you are no longer a wonderful guy, you were yesterday. She is yelling, locking herself in the room, and even crying ... And it happens every month. We’ve all been here, am I right? Want to stop taking all the heat? The diagnosis is obvious: your girl has PMS.
What is happening to her?

Biologically, this is a very complex and intimate process, which is quite difficult to understand unless you are a woman. Therefore, I decided to consult an expert. So what we have found out was: there is a whole complex of changes, happening during the premenstrual syndrome in women's body: vegetovascular changes, hormone fluctuations, headaches, appetite problems (up to bulimia). As a result, the woman depends on her hormones, which leads changes in her psycho-emotional state. It is highly important to know how to handle a girlfriend on her period.
The visible signs are as follows: she feels ugly, fat, and non-sexual. Her hair is fading, she feels pain in the abdomen and lower back. Of course, girls know how to handle period pain with the help of pills, but your attention and care may become even a better pill. She does want to look in the mirror; she does not want to do anything. The only thing she wants is eating sweets and lying all day long... The bad mood, yelling, crying resentment are exactly what men suffer from.

First and foremost, what we need to realize is that our girls are victims of the processes going inside them and pouring out in the form of frequent mood swings and unjustified scandals. Therefore, you certainly do not need to treat her like a capricious fool. On the contrary, we must help her and try to smooth out this difficult process, feel sorry for her and calm her down. Be sure, she'll be very grateful to you, when it's all over. Guys who know how to handle a girlfriend on her period are the best.
How to distinguish "it" from women's whims?
If you want to be ready for another outburst of anger, you should follow her female cycle. Still, how to handle a period? Remember the date when your girlfriend starts menstruating. If you cannot remember, start a calendar. First, you will always be aware of when she has premenstrual syndrome (usually three to four days before the onset of menstruation), and, secondly, you can prevent it, making life easier for both of you. After all, a woman cannot control herself well during this period, so the responsibility falls on your shoulders.
It's clear that your woman needs to be trusted, but men are inclined to doubt. So if you have doubts, it's better to use this simple instruction, and everything will be much easier. Of course, this does not give you a one hundred percent guarantee, the body is a complex ecosystem, but if your woman's cycle is like clockwork, then this system works well. Even if a woman has a menstrual cycle, knowing the first day of each cycle will help you count two weeks plus or minus five days and somehow protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies without using other methods.
How to "fight" the PMS? Here are advice from
The main thing is to remember that if you live in peace and harmony and cherish each other, then it is just as painful for you as it is for her. Mainly because she cannot always cope with herself, and impotence makes her more emotional and uncontrollable. What we, men, certainly do not need to do in these few difficult days is to follow our ego and ambitions. No matter how hard it is standing under the endless stream of offensive statements, one must try to ignore them.

Let’s talk about your actions. A girl should feel self-care. All you need to do is to bring a little more attention and participation in her life and your common problems. Offer her coffee, saying, "Lie down, I'll do everything on my own. Take some nap."! Believe me, this is all that she expects from you. And even if it seems that she takes your actions for granted now, when everything is over, you will be a hero in her eyes who perfectly coped with his task and supported her when she needed it.

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